The Use of Air Purifiers in Health Care Facilities

Effective disinfection and environmental sterility is of paramount importance in any healthcare setting. This is important to maintain patient health and protect those who have weak immune systems. Therefore, the point is that healthcare facilities should be free of harmful contaminants. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of air purifiers for healthcare facilities. Read on to find out more.

With an effective air purifier, it is possible to remove airborne particles from the following sources:

  • Endogenous sources: These contaminants become Airborne through different sources such as packaging, supplies, flowers, fresh fruit, clothing, and visitors.
  • Airborne sources: These inorganic and biological contaminants enter Healthcare facilities through ventilation systems, windows and doors.

So what is the solution to this problem? First of all, it is important to keep in mind that these airborne particles are not good for your health. If you have a compromised immune system, you may suffer a lot due to prolonged exposure to dirty air. You may be at even at a greater risk if you suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions.

In a healthcare facility, different types of air purifiers are used to ensure clean environment. But one of the most common air purifiers uses HEPA filtration systems. These devices are installed in different places across the entire facility. Given below are some of the most common places.

  • Isolation rooms and areas where infectious diseases are most likely to spread
  • Compounding pharmacies
  • Equipment rooms
  • Research Laboratories
  • Operation rooms
  • Treatment rooms

Air purifiers can be equally effective whether they are installed in small or large facilities. Let’s find out more about their application in these facilities.

Larger units have bigger HEPA filters. They are installed in the airflow systems of air conditioners and heaters. The air flowing from the HVAC system passes through the HEPA unit. During this process, contaminants are removed from the hot or cool air.

Small scale purifiers are stand alone units. They are placed in those areas of the facility where additional air purification is required.

Keep in mind that the HEPA filters in these air purifiers should be monitored and replaced in a timely fashion in order to prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust and other airborne contaminants. The thing is that HEPA filters are quite thick. Therefore, they can

slow down the air flow in the systems, which can cause breakdowns or malfunctions. Therefore, they should be installed with the help of special mounting frames and other components.

Since clean air is quite important in any medical facility, make sure that these systems are designed, placed and monitored buy a professional. Make sure that you install air purification units that are easy to install, inspect, monitor and repair. Before you get one, it is important that you consult a good professional.

Long story short, this was an introduction to the importance of air purifiers for healthcare facilities. If you have a health care facility to manage, make sure you get the best air purifiers to meet your needs on a regular basis.


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